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Safely Navigate Stress, Anxiety, and Difficult Feelings

Myselfland is a mental well-being app that provides gentle support, practical strategies, and science-based coping tools for handling emotional challenges.

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Anxiety App

Strengthen Your Emotional Immunity

Anxiety, guilt, sadness, self-doubt, frustration, anger … Whatever it is, you are capable of feeling all your emotions without freaking out or overreacting to them.

Meet the real You

Explore your thoughts and feelings and understand why you react the way you do. Make peace with yourself and find your footing in challenging situations.

Cope with emotions

Learn techniques that help you handle troubling feelings, relax and focus, calm your worries, improve your sleep, and increase motivation and productivity.

Respond intentionally

Learn to manage your emotions and choose how to respond instead of reacting automatically. Get your freedom back!

Live meaningfully

Improve your emotional skills and build resilience for personal growth, harmonious relationships, and a fulfilling life.

Science-Backed Solutions

The app content is based on neuroscience evidence and research-backed approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Stay in Contact with Your Feelings

Myselfland is a safe and warm space to explore your thoughts and feelings. Uncover and address the messages your emotions are trying to tell you and master self-regulation skills.

Mental Health App
Relaxation App For Anxiety

Audio Guides

Insightful and practical podcasts that offer a helpful perspective and strategies on various emotional well-being issues including anxiety, stress, challenging emotions, productivity, happiness, self-esteem, relationships, and more. 

Relaxation App For Anxiety

De-Stress Exercises

Easy-to-use yet powerful self-help tools to cope with stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. These techniques include grounding and relaxation exercises, breathwork, mindfulness and somatic practices, imaginary exercises, and other methods from empirically-supported treatments.

Self-therapy App

Emotional Navigator

A chatbot designed to help you better understand and process your emotions. It will gently accompany you as you observe your feelings, explore your thoughts and the needs behind them, and choose the best ways to resolve your emotions. 

Your Companion on the Journey to Feeling Better

Go at your own pace. Follow your unique way. In Myselfland you can be yourself, with all your fears, flaws, inner struggles, needs, and dreams. Here you can always find warm support, helpful advice, and inspiration.

CBT App For Depression
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